The City of Napa's Ordinance No. California is now the second state to ban all tobacco flavors, including menthol, following Massachusetts. Smokers and Vapers May Be at Greater Risk for Covid-19 . The California Assembly today passed SB 793, a bill that will ban the sales of flavored vaping products in brick-and-mortar stores. While the product exemptions make this bill less comprehensive than the Massachusetts state policy and leave room for improvement, SB 793 makes significant progress towards a more equitable tobacco retail landscape in California. Evidence supports that banning menthol would reduce smoking initiation and increase smoking cessation. Moreover, under this bill, youth will also be protected since, in California, more than 85% of young adults who vape e-cigarettes or smoke cigars choose a flavored version and, across the US, over half of youth and young adults who smoke choose menthol cigarettes. At that point, California voters would ultimately decide the fate of the bill. When, or if it takes effect remains to be seen. Juul, the largest seller of vaping products, already restricts online sales to customers over age 21 in an effort to prevent teens and tweens from vaping. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. Vaping Links to Covid Risk Are Becoming Clear . California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill (SB) 793 into law, banning the retail sale of flavored tobacco products in the state, effective January 2021. NY Times . The ban, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2021, does not make it a crime for people to possess flavored tobacco products, but it bans retailers from selling them. Big Tobacco has a long, fraught history of targeting Black and African American individuals with menthol products, which has ultimately led to 85% of all Black individuals who smoke using menthol cigarettes. Substance abuse disorder and addiction are now on the list that is considered medically necessary to treat. As 2020 comes to a close, California is enacting new laws for 2021. All rights reserved, Increasing Tobacco Prices Through Non-Tax Approaches, Heated Tobacco Products at the Point of Sale, Disparities in Point-of-Sale Advertising and Retailer Density, Understanding the Intersections of Mental Health and the Tobacco Retail Environment, Rural Tobacco Disparities at the Point of Sale, Health Equity and Point of Sale Tobacco Control Policy, Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products and POS Policies, Tobacco industry funded referendum postpones California flavor ban, October 2020 Flavor Ban Action in California, Counter Tobacco Podcast Episode 22: Equity in Point-of-Sale Tobacco Control. Here is what you need to know about these two laws that are being enforced on the first day of 2021. The California Flavored Tobacco Products Ban Referendum (#20-0003) may appear on the ballot in California as a veto referendum on November 8, 2022. Proponents of the veto referendum seek to place Senate Bill 793 (SB 793), which was signed into law on August 28, 2020, on the ballot for a popular vote. The flavor ban impacts flavored vapor, e-cigarette, shisha, loose leaf tobacco in addition to menthol cigarettes. What's new: The new law bans any tobacco product to have flavors that are similar but not limited to fruit, chocolate, vanilla, honey or menthol. The bill, if it becomes law, will also ban sales of menthol cigarettes, and flavored smokeless tobacco and small cigars. This is an important finding that, if duplicated around the state, could prevent the tobacco companies from forcing a referendum on the California’s ban on almost all flavored tobacco products that the governor signed into law last summer. In June of 2017, San Francisco, California unanimously passed a comprehensive ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol. Tobacco Ban Ordinance - No. California is the second state, following Massachusetts, to ban all tobacco flavors, including menthol. Despite significant industry push back and even a targeted ad campaign, California’s legislature passed this bill in sweeping numbers, signifying a major public health victory as California now becomes the second state to prohibit the sale of menthol cigarettes and the fourth state to prohibit the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. The current law bans the sale of tobacco products to those who are under the age of 21. E-cigarettes highlight the challenges of dealing with plastic waste. The others are Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. While the bill does not make it a crime for consumers to possess flavored tobacco products, it does make it illegal for retailers to sell these products in the state of California. With his star dimmed, California's Newsom could face recall. 02020-011 If the referendum qualifies for the ballot, the bill would be suspended until the next qualifying general election, which will take place in November 2022. ... Business groups opposed the ban, including the California Retailers Association and the California … The State Senate on Friday approved a bill that will ban the sale of nearly all flavored tobacco products in California starting Jan. 1, 2021. You can also find more information on menthol, flavored tobacco, and restrictions on product availability on our website. California is banning flavored tobacco products and expanding what is considered necessary treatment for health insurance coverage. It is slated to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021. The Kennedy Forum and the Steinberg Institute, who co-sponsored the bill, said in a statement in the Assembly Floor analysis that the new law would allow patients to seek help for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety or even opioid addiction before the problem becomes worse. A new year quickly approaching is causing many people to hope that a time of uncertainty is finally coming to an end. Only those other tobacco products with a taste or aroma of “tobacco” may be sold. According to an argument provided in the senate analysis, tobacco companies claim they make flavored tobacco products to give adult smokers variety, but flavored products play a role in introducing children to smoking. While this referendum represents an attack against the bill, it certainly does not signify a definite end to SB 793. 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