The most out-standing and floriferous member of this family. MD_PrintYear(); SNAIL CREEPER: Vigna caracalla syn. Add a liquid fertiliser monthly when they are blooming, late spring to autumn. Then I would cut back. Vigna caracella also known as the Snail Vine is a decorative, evergreen to deciduous vine with soft, dark green trifoliate, bean-like leaves. Phaseolus caracalla: Member $14.95. Hardiness zones Sunset 12-24, elsewhere as an annual USDA 9-11, elsewhere 1-8 as an annual. Fragrant, with twisted keel petals coiled like a snail shell Fruit: Seed Stems/Trunks: Twining, turning woody with age Its common name of snail vine relates to its twisted, pea-like flowers that resemble the shape of a snail. Spots On My Snail Vine Plant - Sudden appearance of spots on snail vine plant. This rare and unusual vine is ideal grown over a fence, trellis or arbor and can be used over lattice work to create shade for a deck or patio. It’s a climbing perennial, ideal for pergolas and fences in full sun and well-drained soil.